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Keanu Reeves thanks Kathryn BigelowLatest News - 14 January 2011

Keanu Reeves has thanked director Kathryn Bigelow for making him an action star.

The actor got one of his first breaks in the movie industry with his lead role in the director's 'Point Break' in 1991 - which paved the way for him to take the lead role as Neo in 'The Matrix' trilogy - and he says he owes it to the filmmaker for believing in him.

He said: "'Point' Break was one of those wonderful surprises. I hear it wasn't such an easy sell for Kathryn. Her saying, 'No, really, he can be an action guy. No, really.'

"It was such a leap of faith. Thank you, Kathryn! You changed my life!"

The 'Henry's Crime' star also thanked another filmmaker, Bernado Bertolucci, for giving him another break by casting him as Siddhartha in the film 'Little Buddha', allowing him to show his depth and help shake preconceptions of him as dumb, because of his slacker character in 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure'.

He said: "When Bertolucci called, well, that was a nice day. Yes, indeed. I've had a couple of breaks, which is what we all need. You know, we're just dust in the wind, after all."

Keanu is considering reprising his role as Bill S. Preston Esquire for a third instalment in the 'Bill and Ted' franchise, subject to a good script.

He confirmed writers are working on the project, adding: "We'll see what they come up with."



Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves says he's a closet cricket fanHelp
Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves confides that he's a closet cricket fan.
The star of blockbuster films Speed and The Matrix has been based in Britain for seven months working on a new project.
He tells Colin Paterson on BBC Radio 5 live that during that time he's caught cricket fever.
"I just like the way it quietly builds until that one event," Reeves tells 5 live Breakfast.
The star says he's also been watching the Ashes. "What was that bowler's name? Was it Tremont? Tremlett? When he got those two wickets... that was nice!"
You can hear other BBC Radio 5 live highlights by visiting the Best Bits section on the website.
5 live Breakfast is broadcast Monday - Friday, 06:00 - 10:00 on BBC Radio 5 live


Keanu Reeves: Not so ordinary a career

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