Keanu Reeves Chased by Cowboys

Keanu Reeves Chased by Cowboys (PHOTOS)

on Oct. 7, 2010
Nice camera, cow dude.
Keanu Reeves was photographed running away from a gang of cowboys through the streets of New York City with their stolen camcorder while shooting a scene for his new film Generation Um. Keanu quickly hid his face from the paparazzi after the take was finished.
What do you think about Keanu's thievery? Click through the photos and let us know.

Keanu Reeves runs away from cowboys after he steals their camcorder on set of "Generation Um" in New York City. After the scene he hides his face from the photographers.

Keanu Reeves News - Keanu Reeves Chased By Cowboys (PHOTOS) - Celebuzz: http://bit.ly/diUMK9
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detail from my drawing

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