Keanu Reeves Breaks Rules Tuesday, September 7th 2010 NY

Tuesday, September 7th 2010
Keanu Reeves Breaks Rules
The saddest and loneliest hapa hobo in all the land smoked a ciggie, drank some coffee and had a funny conversation with his phantom friends (who are made out of air and smog) in a parking lot in NYC today. And Keanu did all of this in front of 3 NO LOITERING signs. Whoever put up those signs was triple serious about NO LOITERING shit, but Keanu is doing it anyways. I swear, celebwhores get away with everything! Someone should've CITIZEN ARRESTED his ass. Or maybe they just felt sorry for Keanu the same way the whole internet has for months.


"Why do they say he is always sad / unhappy? I don't understand that. Because i don't want him to be sad. I think, obviously likes comfortable, simple clothes or to be simple. Keanu does not always have to smile to paparazzi. He doesn't smile or pose to paparazzi, it doesn't prove that he is unhappy / sad. And i wish he doesn't smoke!!!
in my opinion, there is a fact that, people can't always happy, unfortunately...and some people can't be easily happy/pleased. particularly sensitive and emotional people..."

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detail from my drawing

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detail from my drawing

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