Keanu Reeves on Regis and Kelly on 17 november 2009

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The ‘totally tubular’ Keanu Reeves was on Regis and Kelly this morning. While he can’t live down a certain movie (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), he can certainly promote new ones! REeves struck me as having high-energy and being in a good mood. Utilizing hand gestures often, his shoulder-grazing hair was still kind of distracting. I’d just like to trim…er, chop it entirely off. Come on! He looks better with shorter hair. I know people say I am too obsessed with people’s hair, and the truth is… that I AM.
Maybe I shouldn’t look just on the outside. Well. Okay. Everything Reeves said was kind of sexy. Even when he just said, “Me too.” Crap, is that also superficial?

Swoon-worthy. keanu-reeves.net
Keanu said he can’t cook, but was learning a bit for a role. I can hardly believe he’s still a bachelor. No one has snapped him up? “I’m really good at eating. If you need someone to enjoy your meal, call me.” Sign me up.
Okay, onto business. Reeves is in the new movie The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. It was directed by Rebecca Miller who also directed the amazing (little-known) movie Personal Velocity (also a book). Everyone seems to know that Blake Lively is in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, but we don’t realize the cast also includes Robin Wright Penn, Alan Arkin, Maria Bello and even Winona Ryder.
Memorable Quotes from the Keanu Reeves interview:
“We make a lot of jokes about cougars these days but they’re in control.” - Regis“They’ve always been in control!” - Keanu
“Someone told me you felt you were a little too old to play this young fellow.” - Regis“Yea. …I eventually saw the light.” - Keanu

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