Cameron Diaz Tries To Impress Keanu Reeves With A Burger

Keanu Reeves shopping at an AT&T store for a new cellphone while sporting a bushy beard Los Angeles, California.
Aug 21, 2009 AT 08:04 am

Cameron Diaz stuffed a whole burger in her mouth to impress Keanu Reeves while on a date. The ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ actress – who has recently been seen enjoying evenings with actors Jude Law, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jason Lewis – bemused onlookers at Los Angeles’ Whisper Lounge restaurant with her unique flirting technique, showing the ‘Speed’ star how much food she could cram into her jaws. A source said:
“They looked very cosy. Cameron was stuffing her burger in her mouth and playing up to the fact she has a wide mouth. Keanu was laughing – it was strange to see him giggling like that as he’s regarded as a bit serious.”
The pair – who played lovers in 1996 movie ‘Feeling Minnesota’ – enjoyed cocktails at the eatery before walking arm-in-arm to a nearby movie.
Earlier this week, it was claimed 36-year-old Cameron “couldn’t stop touching” ‘Sex and the City’ actor Jason when they ate together at a sushi restaurant in Venice Beach. An onlooker said:
"Cameron and Jason were sitting in the corner of Shima totally wrapped up in one another. They couldn't stop touching each other. And we couldn't stop looking.”
So WHO KNOWS?! You know what they do to single people in Hollywood. The press just links them up to every single person they come across. But Cameron is sure coming across some fantastic people lately isn't she? KEANU!!! Love him.
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